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Decline in Chesapeake eelgrass beds due to water quality and rising temperatures

A new study links a long-term decline in Chesapeake Bay’s eelgrass beds to both deteriorating water quality and rising summertime temperat

Meeting the world's demand for food without hurting the environment

Too much of something isn’t always a good thing.

Scientists map the genetic evolution of dinoflagellates for the first time

A group scientists have used new genetic sequencing data to understand how an ancient organism that lived alongside the dinosaurs has evol

Year in Review: Having an impact on the world around us

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Legendary Chesapeake scientist Walter Boynton awarded Mathias medal for distinguished career

Walter Boynton, a fixture in the world of Chesapeake Bay science for more than 40 years and a longtime professor and estuarine ecologist at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Scien