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UMCES President Dr. Donald Boesch announces stepping down after 27 years

 UMCES’ leader will leave legacy in science and Chesapeake Bay restoration

New research facility honors legendary Maryland environmental scientist Reginald Truitt

In 1918, not long after the Wright brothers’ first flight, a scientist named Reginald Truitt was the first person to fly over Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay and discover from above that the magnificent estuary was all truly connected. It inspired him to borrow a microscope and set up a modest laboratory to study the oysters, crabs and fish that were so plentiful in the Bay. In 1925, it would become the first publically supported marine laboratory on the East Coast. 

Warming climate triggers changes in forests’ impact on cleaner water

A warming climate is causing earlier springs and later autumns in eastern forests of the United States, lengthening the growing seas

Legendary Chesapeake Bay scientist Walt Boynton to receive Mathias Medal

Walter Boynton, longtime professor and estuarine ecologist at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science’sChesapeake Biological Laboratory and a fixture in the world of Chesapeake Bay science for more than 40 years, has been chosen to receive the Mathias Medal to recognize his distinguished career of scholarship and public service.

Study finds human-caused global warming began earlier—and more quickly—than expected

Close to 200 years ago, the Industrial Revolution drove thousands away from working the land to toil in factories in cities, where machine production changed our entire way of life.