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Year in Review: Having an impact on the world around us

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UMCES remembers longtime Board of Visitors member Charles “Ted” Peck

Legendary Chesapeake scientist Walter Boynton awarded Mathias medal for distinguished career

Walter Boynton, a fixture in the world of Chesapeake Bay science for more than 40 years and a longtime professor and estuarine ecologist at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Scien

New forecast tool helps ships avoid blue whale hotspots

Scientists have long used satellite tags to track blue whales along the West Coast, learning how the largest animals on the planet find enough small krill to feed on to support their enormous size. Now researchers from NOAA Fisheries, the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, and Oregon State University have combined that trove of tracking data with satellite observations of ocean conditions to develop the first system for predicting locations of blue whales off the West Coast.

White-nose syndrome killing bats across Maryland

Populations of bat species are disappearing as a silent killer called white-nose syndrome emerges in caves and other winter refuges across the country.