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The courtship of blue crabs 2/14/2017
Walter Boynton honored with the 2017 Ruth Patrick Award 12/12/2016
New forecast tool helps ships avoid blue whale hotspots 11/29/2016
Science in the First Person: Jamie Pierson 11/28/2016
OysterFutures project brings industry, managers together to discuss future 11/1/2016
Global warming is causing our oceans to suffocate 10/28/2016
Wind energy development has broad consequences for Golden Eagles 9/28/2016
University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science President Dr. Donald Boesch announces stepping down after 27 years 9/20/2016
New research facility honors legendary Maryland environmental scientist Reginald Truitt 9/13/2016
Mitch Neitzey of EFO Capital Management, Inc. joins Board of Visitors 9/8/2016
Mobile laboratory helps keep invasive species out of Chesapeake Bay 8/31/2016
UMCES appoints new Board of Visitors members 8/26/2016
Study finds human-caused global warming began earlier than expected 8/25/2016
Legendary Chesapeake Bay scientist Walt Boynton to receive Mathias Medal 8/23/2016
Joe Suarez of Booz Allen Hamilton joins Board of Visitors 8/22/2016
Peggy Derrick of EA Engineering, Science, and Technology appointed to UMCES Board of Visitors 8/11/2016
Cleaner air may be driving improvements in Chesapeake Bay water quality 7/24/2016
Scientists partner with farmers and landowners to help reduce runoff 7/6/2016
Open innovation challenge brings new approaches to reduce nutrients in waterways 6/28/2016
Dr. Jacqueline Grebmeier honored with President’s Award for Science Application 5/18/2016
Chesapeake Bay health improves in 2015 5/17/2016
UMCES graduates next generation of science leaders 5/11/2016
Johnson Award and Event Corporate Sponsors 5/5/2016
Powell Tate’s Joe Farren joins Board of Visitors 4/27/2016
Russell Hill receives Regents Award for Mentoring 4/14/2016
UMCES granted accreditation by Middle States Commission 3/28/2016
2016 Appalachian Laboratory Open House 3/25/2016
OysterFutures project kicks off discussions about fishing and restoration 3/22/2016
Horn Point Lab offers 'Chesapeake Bay 101' science seminar for non-scientists 3/17/2016
Scientists track down origin of bats killed by wind turbines using chemical fingerprints 3/16/2016
Laying the groundwork: The science behind the decision-making 2/19/2016
Bernie Fowler Honored by Maryland State House and Senate 2/19/2016
Evergreen founder Janice Keene joins UMCES Board of Visitors 2/11/2016
Evergreen Heritage Center Founder Janice Keene Joins UMCES Board of Visitors 2/10/2016
Helping Local Planners Improve the Quality of Coastal Bays 2/5/2016
Blue Crabs & Climate Connections 2/1/2016
Hadley McIntosh Receives Anchor QEA, LLC Scholarship 1/29/2016
Fish Facing Warmer Waters 1/25/2016
CBL Scientists Study Effects of Fall Storms and Wind on Bay’s “Metabolism” 12/21/2015
Graduate of Distinction Award Presented to Dr. Jeremy Testa 12/16/2015
NAS Gulf Research Program Awards $504,000 grant to Horn Point Laboratory to study impact of oil spills on marine life 12/10/2015
Pollution control policies effective in improving downwind air quality 12/9/2015
Hungry planet requires more efficient use of nitrogen 11/23/2015
UMCES leads in commitment to action on climate change 11/23/2015
UMCES appoints new Vice President for Administration 11/20/2015
Whale Watching, Beneath the Waves 10/30/2015
What’s happening on the CBL Research Pier? FlexEl, LLC’s Deploys Underwater Reserve Batteries 10/13/2015
Testing our Assumptions: CBL Scientists Seek to Improve Historic Climate Records 10/13/2015
Will Ocean Acidification Create “Super Crabs” in Bay? Maybe Not 10/13/2015
White House highlights Arctic research with a local connection 10/13/2015
Welcome to CBL’s New Students! 10/13/2015
Congratulations to CBL’s Newest Graduate! 10/13/2015
WHALEWATCH 10/13/2015
The Lost Years Project: Tracking Young Sea Turtles 10/13/2015
UMCES scientists win Best Paper of the Year award from American Fisheries Society 10/13/2015
Through Rain and Cold, the Monitoring Must Go On 10/13/2015
PAST: Potomac & Atlantic Striped Bass Telemetry 10/13/2015
Congratulations to CBL's Newest Graduate! 10/13/2015
Tallying The Sting 10/13/2015
Studying Sturgeon: Preserving the Ghosts of Chesapeake Past 10/12/2015
Dr. Walter Boynton: Admiral of the Chesapeake 10/12/2015
Enduser Input Shapes Delmarva Bays Planning Tool 10/12/2015
An Invader's Price 10/12/2015
Counting Chesapeake Crabs: A Mysterious Decline 10/12/2015
Methane: Flowing Near and Far 10/12/2015
Simulating Storms in the Shallows 10/12/2015
WhaleWatch: Predicting Movements, Reducing Harm 10/12/2015
Helping the Bay Breathe 10/12/2015
Is Plant-Based Fuel Worth the Cost in Brazil? 10/12/2015
Nutrient Loading: Too Much of a Good Thing 10/12/2015
Going “In-Seine”: Counting Fish, Predicting Patterns 10/12/2015
White House recognizes innovations in nutrient pollution detection led by UMCES-based Alliance for Coastal Technologies 10/7/2015
UMCES celebrates 90 years at October 1 event 10/5/2015
Watershed Moments Community Learning Series 2016-2017 9/14/2015
Decreased nutrient levels are significantly improving Chesapeake Bay health 9/4/2015
Migratory patterns of Eastern golden eagle population revealed 8/12/2015
Explore the Chesapeake Bay with science at the Horn Point Laboratory Open House, October 10 8/6/2015
Study looks at best way to bring healthy streams back after development 8/3/2015
UMCES 90: Celebrating 90 years 7/29/2015
Algal biofuel start-up by UMCES alumnus makes waves 7/1/2015
Scientists expect slightly below average Chesapeake Bay ‘dead zone’ this summer 6/23/2015
Alyson Santoro named Simons Early Career Investigator 6/19/2015
The secret lives of fish revealed by the digital age 6/3/2015
Study shows harmful algal blooms in Chesapeake Bay are more frequent 6/1/2015
UMCES scientists win Best Paper of the Year award from American Fisheries Society 6/1/2015
UMCES scientists show harmful algae blooms in the Chesapeake Bay are more frequent 5/11/2015
Dr. Mario Tamburri honored with President’s Award for Science Application 5/6/2015
Appalachian Laboratory Open House brings hands-on science to the community 5/5/2015
Commencement 2015: UMCES graduates the next generation of scientific leaders 5/4/2015
Citizens Restoring American Chestnuts to give seedlings to citizen scientists at Appalachian Laboratory Open House 4/29/2015
Streams, bats, bugs & more at Appalachian Laboratory Open House May 2 4/21/2015
Appalachian Laboratory honors environmental champion and Evergreen Founder Janice Keene 4/16/2015
Professor Tom Miller receives highest university award for public service 4/10/2015
More food, low pollution effort gains traction 4/8/2015
New tech transfer projects could lead to smarter fish feed, turn algae to biofuel 4/2/2015
Dr. Jacqueline Grebmeier awarded IASC Medal 3/9/2015
Dr. Russell Hill elected to American Academy of Microbiology 3/4/2015
Dr. Russell Hill Chosen for Leadership Maryland Class of 2015 2/27/2015
Alyson Santoro Awarded Sloan Grant for Archaea Research 2/25/2015
Bacteria in marine sponges harvest phosphorus for the reef community 2/23/2015
UMCES welcomes Charles O. Monk as new Chair of Board of Visitors 2/20/2015
UMCES Scientists to Study Water Quality Consequences of Susquehanna River Sediments and Nutrients 2/18/2015
Bay experts Boesch and Boynton earn rank of Admiral of the Chesapeake Bay 1/30/2015
Arctic scientists receive marine research award 1/30/2015
Presidential Fellowships – 2014 1/26/2015
New director takes reins of Appalachian Laboratory in Frostburg 1/6/2015
Entrepreneurs Fellowship Program helps young scientists 12/16/2014
Enduser Input Shapes Delmarva Bays Planning Tool 11/14/2014
Nutrients that Feed Red Tide in Gulf of Mexico “Under the Microscope” in Major Study 11/6/2014
Oyster restoration team gets national attention 11/5/2014
UMCES helps bring science into New York classrooms 10/31/2014
Underwater microphones will track impact of offshore wind power on marine life along the coast 10/13/2014
New study calls for continuing need to assess impacts of offshore wind farms on marine species 10/13/2014
New approach can predict impact of climate change on species that can’t get out of the way 9/30/2014
Governor O'Malley honored with Truitt Environmental Award 9/30/2014
Underwater grass comeback bodes well for Chesapeake 9/2/2014
Citizen scientist project recognized for tracking leaf changes on poplar trees 8/22/2014
Travel the Chesapeake Bay with science at the Horn Point Laboratory Open House October 11 8/11/2014
New Environmental Statistics Collaborative to offer state-of-the-art research and consulting services 7/31/2014
With 'biological sunscreen,' mantis shrimp see the reef in a whole different light 7/7/2014
Ratcliffe Foundation grant supports business leadership program for students at Institute of Marine & Environmental Technology 6/30/2014
NOAA, partners predict slightly above average ‘dead zone’ in Chesapeake Bay 6/25/2014
Chesapeake Bay health holds steady in 2013 5/23/2014
John D. Porcari joins University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Board of Visitors 5/16/2014
Dr. Jeffrey Cornwell honored with UMCES President's Award 5/12/2014
UMD and UMCES to award joint degree in marine and environmental science 5/12/2014
Appalachian Laboratory honors wildlife biologist Tom Mathews 4/25/2014
Appalachian Laboratory hosts Open House - Saturday, May 3 4/16/2014
IMET wins $500,000 in global innovative carbon use competition 4/16/2014
Ryan Powell competes in $100K ACC Clean Energy Challenge 4/11/2014
Appalachian Laboratory scientists receive highest university award 4/10/2014
Scientists find clues that the Bay is leaking 3/31/2014
Seagrass expert Evamaria Koch remembered 3/24/2014
Science shows restoration efforts can improve local water quality in the Chesapeake Bay 3/4/2014
Maryland Sea Grant Announces New Projects to Study Water Quality, Fisheries 2/19/2014
Scientists discover key hormone that makes it possible for female crabs to mate and care for their young 1/29/2014
Lessons learned restoring the Chesapeake will help leaders clean up Rio's Guanabara Bay 12/9/2013
Multiple mates worth the risk for female prairie dogs 12/4/2013
10th Annual International Marine Biotechnology Conference 11/20/2013
New study maps human impacts on top ocean predators along U.S. west coast 11/13/2013
IMET hosts LMRCSC Board of Visitors 11/12/2013
Clean Air Act has led to improved water quality in the Chesapeake Bay watershed 11/6/2013
Donald Boesch joins ocean leaders to influence ocean and coast management 11/5/2013
Assessing impact of noise from offshore wind farm construction may help protect marine mammals 10/16/2013
Record 1.2 billion oysters added to Bay restoration effort in 2013 10/14/2013
Accurate maps of streams could aid in more sustainable development of Potomac River watershed 10/3/2013
Underwater Cameras Donated to Horn Point 9/13/2013
Discover the science of the Chesapeake at Horn Point Open House - October 12 9/3/2013
Jean-Michel Cousteau presents The Great Ocean Adventure 8/19/2013
Fisheries building rededicated in honor of Eugene Cronin, "Admiral of the Chesapeake" 8/16/2013
Looking to the past to predict future climate change 8/2/2013
Scientists discover key to easing aquaculture’s reliance on wild-caught fish 8/1/2013
Sea level along Maryland’s shorelines could rise 2 feet by 2050, according to new report 7/19/2013
Limiting fishing and improving habitat would allow oyster population to rebound 7/15/2013
Chesapeake Bay health improves to a C in 2012 7/3/2013
Scientists anticipating smaller hypoxia levels this summer in Chesapeake Bay 6/18/2013
Dr. Keith Eshleman honored with President's Award for Science Application 5/13/2013
Making an Impact: Maryland's economy is fueled by science 5/8/2013
New study finds that oyster restoration can help clean the Bay 4/29/2013
Appalachian Laboratory honors Allegany College's Forestry Department for environmental stewardship 4/25/2013
Scientists look to ancient past to better predict how species may respond to climate change 4/15/2013
Appalachian Laboratory hosts public lecture on shale gas and alternative fuel sources 4/2/2013
U.S.-Australia environmental education partnership is being led by Horn Point Professor Judy O'Neil 3/25/2013
RESEARCH CRUISE: Coral reveals climate in the Middle Ages 3/15/2013
Prairie dogs disperse when all close kin have disappeared 3/7/2013
Appalachian Laboratory seeks Marylanders to participate in American chestnut restoration project 3/1/2013
Biologists lead international team to track Arctic response to climate change 2/20/2013
Horn Point Laboratory Graduate Student Wins Coveted Fellowship 2/6/2013
Reclaim the Chesapeake Bay 2/4/2013
Appalachian Laboratory team receives NSF grant to predict how trees will adapt to rapid climate change 1/24/2013
Atlantic menhaden study will help identify balance between fishing and preserving 12/17/2012
Ammar Hanif succesfully defends master's research 12/10/2012
Pat Glibert elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science 12/6/2012
NOAA funds study to explore impact of oil spills on blue crab development 11/30/2012
Dr. Fredrika Moser named Director of Maryland Sea Grant 11/29/2012
Professor Ed Houde named Vice President for Education 11/1/2012
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory research pier undergoes repair 10/10/2012
Horn Point Oyster Hatchery has record year 10/3/2012
New study finds that bacteria on marine sponges can develop capacity to move and inhibit biofilm formation 9/5/2012
Scientists find key to vegetarian diet for fish raised in aquaculture 8/28/2012
Ballast water treatment system testing facility earns U.S. Coast Guard approval 8/17/2012
Russell Hill appointed director of Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology 8/16/2012
Maryland and Delaware partnership will bring teachers and scientists together on topic of climate change 8/15/2012
"Spat Dash" race at Horn Point Laboratory benefits environmental education 8/6/2012
Autonomous underwater research robot comes to University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science 7/16/2012
NOAA Scholarship awarded to Jan Vicente to study the impact of ocean acidification on marine sponges 6/12/2012
Appalachian Laboratory receives grant from NASA to study growth rate of trees in a longer growing season 6/11/2012
WhaleWatch: Satellite tracking helps reduce number of whales entangled in fishing gear 5/21/2012
Environmental leaders gather to discuss Chesapeake Bay and human health 5/14/2012
Dr. Allen Place honored with President's Award for Science Application 5/9/2012
Western Maryland principal honored with environmental stewardship award 4/25/2012
Win a spot on a science cruise on the Bay 4/25/2012
Chesapeake Bay health drops to a D+ in 2011 4/16/2012
Dr. Michael Kemp honored with Regents' Faculty Award for Excellence 4/12/2012
Discover hands-on science for the whole family at the Appalachian Laboratory Open House 4/5/2012
Education program cultivates leaders in marine science 4/5/2012
Study confirms oil from Deepwater Horizon disaster entered food chain in the Gulf of Mexico 3/19/2012
Mid-Atlantic suburbs can expect an early spring thanks to the heat of the big city 3/8/2012
BAY 101 - Science of the Chesapeake Bay for Non-Scientists 3/5/2012
Landmark study of leatherback turtle migration identifies Pacific danger zones for critically-endangered species 3/1/2012
2011 annual report highlights importance of graduate education in preparing environmental leaders 2/14/2012
Annual report highlights role of graduate education in preparing tomorrow’s scientific leaders 2/14/2012
Tomorrow's Scientists 2/1/2012
New national think tank poises Maryland as leader in finding environmental solutions 1/31/2012
Baltimore’s harbor health leaves room for improvement 1/6/2012
Don Boesch receives Energy & Environmental Leadership Award 12/7/2011
Dr. Ed Houde receives Lifetime Achievement Award from American Fisheries Society 11/17/2011
Unique Barge Enters Research Fleet to Test Ballast Water Treatment Technologies 9/28/2011
Horn Point Wins at the Cambridge Mainstreet Summer Send-off 9/22/2011
Student Research Day Held at UMCES-IMET 8/23/2011
AL Honors Maryland Park Service’s Caroline Blizzard for Raising Environmental Awareness in Western Maryland 4/22/2011
Margaret Palmer Recognized by USM Regents for Advancing the Role of Science in Public Policy 4/15/2011
New Maryland Sea Grant Film Examines “Who Killed Crassostrea virginica?” 4/5/2011
UMCES@IMET Student Earns Aquaculture Scholarship 3/9/2011
CBL Scientist Lauded for Research Linking Environmental Conditions and Japanese Crab Populations 2/23/2011
Baltimore Harbor Health Assessment Sets Baseline for Renewed Cleanup Effort 2/15/2011
UMCES President Don Boesch Recognized for Environmental Stewardship by Maryland Public Television 2/2/2011
UMCES in 2010: Remarkable Science for a Remarkable Time 2/1/2011
New Commission Report Prepares Maryland For Climate Change 1/24/2011
Oil Spill Commission Calls For Urgent Drilling Reform 1/11/2011
UMCES Video Channel Premieres on SchoolTube 1/4/2011
Science Magazine Highlights Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab Resurgence 12/9/2010
CBL Scientist Helps AGU Communicate Climate Science 11/17/2010
Research Fleet Captain Michael Reusing Honored for 44 Years of Service 11/17/2010
Nanticoke River Earns “B-minus” in Inaugural Report Card 10/28/2010
UMCES@IMET Scientists Attend IMBC 2010 10/25/2010
Appalachian Laboratory Welcomes Western Marylanders at Open House Event 10/19/2010
Historic Research Pier to be Rebuilt at UMCES Chesapeake Biological Lab in Solomons 9/22/2010
Improving Fisheries Management through Science and Understanding 9/21/2010
Mitigating Harmful Algae Blooms with Clay and Crab Shells 8/18/2010
Are Offshore Windfarms Impacting Dolphins? 8/11/2010
New Oyster Setting Facility Sets the Stage for Expanded Oyster Restoration Efforts 8/10/2010
Study shows Bay clean up helps boost underwater grasses 7/28/2010
Easton Craftsman Helps Horn Point Laboratory Restore duPont Rams 7/23/2010
Forecasting Chesapeake Bay Summer Conditions 6/14/2010
CBL Aquatic Toxicologist Carys Mitchelmore Informing Policymakers about Dispersants and the Gulf Oil Spill 6/10/2010
Dr. Denise Yost to Hawaii 6/9/2010
Horn Point Laboratory Scientists to Study Oil Spill Effects in Gulf of Mexico 6/8/2010
UMCES Scientists Respond to Gulf Oil Spill 5/25/2010
Chesapeake Bay Health Report Card Shows Broad Improvements in 2009 5/17/2010
HPL Researcher Links Decline of Endangered California Delta Smelt to Nutrient Pollution 5/17/2010
First Hatchery-Reared Oysters of 2010 Bound for the Bay 5/4/2010
Technological Advances Help UMCES Move Forward in 2009 2/26/2010
Discovery of Algae’s Toxic Hunting Habits Could Help Curb Chesapeake Fish Kills 1/18/2010
CBL Director Margaret Palmer Talks Mountaintop Mining on “The Colbert Report” 1/16/2010
Dr. Rodger Harvey Keynotes Alaskan Marine Science Symposium 1/15/2010
UMCES Oyster Hatchery Rears Record 750 Million Spat for Chesapeake Bay in 2009 1/1/2010
HPL Researcher Finds Seasonal Patterns in Arctic River Bacteria 11/24/2009
Dr. Ed Gates Honored with President's Award for Science Application 11/19/2009
CINAR Ramps Up UMCES North Atlantic Marine Ecosystem Research 11/12/2009
Forecasting Biodiversity Loss from Development 11/2/2009
Tracking Global Coastal Seagrass Losses 6/28/2009
CBL Scientist Warns Illegal Fishing Harming New England Fishery 6/4/2009